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The OTS Indicators encompass a range of sophisticated analytical tools, each designed to provide unique insights into market dynamics.

OTS Indicators Toolkit

1. Average Profit Loss Per Contract
  - Calculates the average profit or loss per contract.
  - Provides traders with a clear view of their trading performance.

2. Bar Range Analysis
  - Examines the range of price movement within a given bar.
  - Aids in volatility assessment.

3. Intra Market Spread
  - Focuses on the spread within different markets.
  - Provides an understanding of market depth and liquidity.

4. Net Long/Short Exposure
  - Reveals the trader's overall market position.
  - Highlights potential risks and opportunities.

5. OHL Last Levels (Open, High, Low, Last)
  - Delivers critical data points for each trading session.
  - Essential for identifying market trends.

6. SMA Detrend (Simple Moving Average Detrend)
  - Helps in smoothing out price data to discern underlying trends.
  - Minimizes the effects of short-term fluctuations.

These OTS Indicators together offer a comprehensive toolkit for traders to analyze and respond to market conditions effectively.

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