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2. Reversal - Bar Cycle Count

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4 to 9 Bar Cycle Counts Feature Overview

Model Concept: This feature is built on the observation that markets typically experience movements lasting 4 to 9 bars before showing signs of reversal or correction.

Cycle Count Visualization: The feature displays these cycle counts simultaneously across up to 15 different time frames. This comprehensive display offers traders a holistic view of the market, aiding in the anticipation of potential reversals or corrections.

Upward Trend Alert: When the cycle count surpasses 4 during an upward trend, the background color of the app changes to red. This visual cue alerts traders to potential market setbacks or reversals.

Downward Trend Notification: Conversely, in a downward trend, the background turns green when the cycle count falls below 4. This serves as a visual indication of potential reversal or setback points within a downward market trend.

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Reversal - Bay Cycle Count | Settings

2. Reversal - Bar Cycle Count

The Cycle settings in the Online Trading Solutions Market Pulse App provide traders with customizable options to align the app's functionality with their specific trading needs and strategies. Here's a closer look at the various customization options available for the Cycle settings:

1. Show Bar Cycle:

  • This option allows you to toggle the Bar Cycle display on or off, enabling you to either view or hide this feature based on your analysis requirements.

2. Warning Value Setting:

  • Set a specific value that triggers the warning color. When the bar cycle is under this value, the app will display the background in yellow.

  • This feature is particularly useful for highlighting critical points in the cycle where caution may be warranted.

3. Positive Value Color:

  • Customize the background color for when the cycle value is positive and above the warning threshold.

  • For example, choosing red can indicate bullish conditions or a point of interest when the cycle value is above the warning level.

4. Negative Value Color:

  • Similarly, select a background color for when the cycle value is negative but still above the warning value.

  • A common choice for this scenario is green, which can signify bearish conditions or a point of caution when the cycle value is below the warning level but still showing negative values.

These customizable settings in the Cycle feature of Market Pulse allow traders to tailor the app’s interface to their personal trading style. By adjusting these settings, traders can enhance their ability to interpret the cycle data quickly and make informed decisions based on their individual strategy and market analysis.

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