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5. Reversal - Green Line Buy Sell Lines

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Overview of Green Line Buy/Sell Zones in Market Pulse

The OTS Green Line Indicator is a vital feature across all charts in Market Pulse, offering valuable insights into potential market movements based on its position within predefined zones.

Buy and Sell Zone Indications:

  • Buy Zone Signal: When the Green Line falls to -80 or below, it indicates a potential buy zone, suggesting an upward move in the market.

  • Sell Zone Signal: Conversely, when the Green Line rises above the +80 level, it suggests a potential sell zone, signaling a possible setback or reversal in upward momentum.

Visual Alerts in Market Pulse: The Market Pulse platform provides clear visual alerts for users:

  • Green Background: Activated when the Green Line reaches -80, indicating a buy zone.

  • Red Background: Triggered when the Green Line hits +80, signaling a sell zone.

Multi-Time Frame Display: Market Pulse allows users to view the behavior of the Green Line across multiple time frames simultaneously. This feature provides traders with a comprehensive view of market trends and potential trading opportunities.

More Information on the OTS Green Line Indicator -

Reversal - Green Line Buy Sell Lines | Settings

5. Reversal - Green Line Buy Sell Lines

The GL B/S (Green Line Buy/Sell) Lines settings in the Online Trading Solutions Market Pulse App provide traders with the flexibility to customize the display and functionality of this feature to match their trading preferences and strategies. The GL B/S Lines are instrumental in identifying potential buy and sell opportunities based on specific criteria. Here's a detailed breakdown of the customization options available:

1. Show GL B/S Lines:

  • This option lets you toggle the display of the Green Line Buy/Sell Lines on or off. It's beneficial for traders who want to focus on specific indicators or declutter their chart analysis.

2. Length:

  • Set the desired number of bars to be used in the calculation of the GL B/S Lines. This setting determines how the indicator processes data over a specified period, influencing its sensitivity to market changes.

3. On Bar Close:

  • Choose whether to calculate the GL B/S Lines based on the last bar's closing value (On) or the current bar's real-time value (Off). This option provides flexibility in how the indicator responds to market movements.

4. Buy Value (Threshold):

  • Set a threshold value for buy signals. When the indicator's value falls below this level, the background color will change to green, visually indicating a potential buying opportunity.

5. Sell Value (Threshold):

  • Similarly, set a threshold value for sell signals. When the indicator's value rises above this level, the background color will change to red, signaling a potential selling opportunity.

By customizing these settings, traders can tailor the GL B/S Lines feature in Market Pulse to better suit their individual trading styles. Adjusting aspects like calculation length, response to bar closing, and threshold levels for buy and sell signals enhances the app’s functionality, making it a more effective tool for market analysis and decision-making.

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