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08_Cycle Wave

How it Works: The CycleWave Indicator by OTS Traders is a sophisticated tool designed to automatically plot cycle counts on all charts, providing invaluable insights into market movements. It identifies Greek Cycles—Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta—each typically lasting 4 to 9 bars in one direction.

Moreover, it marks Trading Cycle Lows and Highs, usually spanning 16 to 28 bars on average. Additionally, the indicator offers options to plot GANN fans and automatic Fibonacci retracements from these cycle highs and lows.

Key Features:

  1. Cycle Bands: Visualize potential cycle turn zones with Cycle Bands, assisting in setting profit targets and determining stop-loss levels.

  2. Fibonacci Tools: Seamlessly integrates powerful Fibonacci tools for detailed price level analysis, enhancing precision in trading decisions.

  3. Gann Fan Integration: Harnesses Gann Fan for specialized support and resistance charting, providing advanced analytical capabilities.

  4. Breakout Lines: Identifies market opportunities with breakout lines, facilitating proactive trading strategies.

  5. Speed Lines: Assess the rate and intensity of market movements with speed lines, enabling traders to stay ahead of market dynamics.

This comprehensive suite of features empowers traders with advanced analytical tools, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing trading strategies.

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