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13_Open High Low Plus Percentage Levels

How it Works: The OHL (Open High Low Last) Indicator plots key price levels on the chart to provide traders with valuable insights into market trends.

  1. Opening Prices: It displays the first opening from the previous day and the current day's opening, enabling traders to compare the day's starting points.

  2. High and Low Prices: The indicator indicates the day's high and low prices, assisting traders in identifying price extremes and potential areas of support and resistance.

  3. Percentage Levels: Additionally, it plots the 25%, 50%, and 75% levels of the day's high and low. Traders can utilize these levels to assess market momentum and identify trends. Prices above these percentage levels indicate an uptrend, while prices below suggest a downtrend.

By visually presenting these critical price levels, the OHL Indicator helps traders make informed decisions and stay abreast of market trends, facilitating the identification of trends and potential reversal points.

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