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16_True Average Price

How it Works: The OTS True Average Price Indicator is engineered to address the limitations of FIFO (First In, First Out) accounting methods, particularly in accurately representing a trader's true average price.

Key Features:

  1. Resolving FIFO Accounting Flaws: Overcomes inaccuracies inherent in FIFO methods, especially in complex trading scenarios involving multiple trades and positions.

  2. Precise Average Price Representation: Provides a more precise representation of the true average price by considering all relevant trade details, including prices, contract profit and loss, and other essential data.

  3. Risk Reduction: Reduces the risk of misinterpreting profit or loss figures, enabling traders to make more informed decisions about their trading strategies and risk management.

  4. Comprehensive Formula: Employs an all-encompassing formula that considers various factors influencing the average price calculation, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the results.

Known for its accuracy and reliability, the OTS True Average Price Indicator furnishes traders with dependable average price data crucial for effective decision-making in financial markets.

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