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17_Volume Delta Per Bar

How it Works: The OTS Traders Volume Delta Per Bar Indicator measures the differences between the number of contracts bought and sold, plotting the delta under each bar. It assesses market dynamics by comparing the volume of contracts bought at the offer price versus sold at the bid price, providing insights into buying and selling pressure.

Key Features:

  1. Candlestick Chart Visualization: Data is presented in an easily interpretable candlestick chart format, allowing traders to visualize price movements and volume delta variations with clarity.

  2. Volume Delta Interpretation: Positive or negative delta values indicate buying or selling dominance, enabling traders to assess trend strength and market sentiment.

  3. Market Momentum Analysis: The indicator offers insights into market momentum by analyzing buying and selling activities per bar, aiding in understanding the intensity of market movements.

  4. Identification of Potential Turning Points: By tracking volume delta changes, traders can anticipate shifts in market sentiment and identify potential turning points, facilitating timely trade decisions.

The OTS Traders Volume Delta Per Bar Indicator equips traders with valuable insights into market dynamics, helping them gauge buying and selling pressure, assess trend strength, and identify potential trade opportunities with confidence.

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