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18_Volume Delta by Tick Range

How it Works: The Tick Range Volume Delta Indicator provides a visual representation of the balance between demand and supply within user-defined tick ranges. It measures the difference between the number of contracts bought versus sold within each tick range on a chart going back a specified number of bars.

Key Features:

  1. Market Sentiment Gauge: Offers traders an accurate gauge of market sentiment by visualizing the balance between demand (buying) and supply (selling) within defined tick ranges.

  2. Color-Coded Display: Information is displayed on the left side of the charts, with green indicating more contracts bought within the tick range zone and red indicating more contracts sold in that zone. This color-coded display provides a quick and intuitive way for traders to interpret volume delta data.

  3. Dynamic Plotting: Similar to a profile, as price movements move out of the current tick range, the indicator starts a new plot of the volume difference. This dynamic plotting feature ensures that traders always have access to the most relevant volume delta information.

  4. Trend and Reversal Identification: Serves as an excellent tool for identifying trends and potential reversals in the market, offering valuable insights into market dynamics.

By leveraging the Tick Range Volume Delta Indicator, traders can accurately assess market sentiment, identify trends, and make informed trading decisions based on volume delta data.

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