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22_Trading Cycle Low

Trading Cycle Low (TC Low) Strategy

Cycle Duration:

  • Standard Range: TC Low cycles typically last from 16 to 28 bars.

  • Validity: Only counts within this range are considered valid.

Interaction with Moving Averages:

  • Aligned with 15-Period Moving Average: TC Low Model syncs with the 15-period moving average.

  • Predicting Market Movement: When the market is above the 15-period Moving Average and due for a TC Low, it tends to approach this average, creating an entry opportunity.

Strategic Opportunities:

  • Anticipating TC Low: Identifying a forthcoming TC Low aligned with the 15-period moving average prepares traders for potential market entries or adjustments.


The TC Low Model offers a disciplined approach to track market lows cyclically. By combining this analysis with moving average dynamics, traders gain insights for precise market navigation and optimized trading outcomes.

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