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02_Activating OTS Trader for Trading


Overview: Activating the OTS Trader bot is a simple process that involves finding and clicking the 'Activate App' button with a red background within the application interface. This activation process consists of two steps: choosing the trading account and specifying the market to trade in. It's important to note that switching accounts requires deactivation of the current account before activating a new one.

Activation Steps:

  1. Locate the 'Activate App' Button:

    • Navigate to the designated area within the application interface where the 'Activate App' button is located. It typically has a red background for easy identification.

  2. Click to Activate:

    • Once you've found the 'Activate App' button, click on it to initiate the activation process.

  3. Two-Step Activation:

    • The activation process requires two steps:

      • Choose your trading account.

      • Specify the market you want to trade in.

  4. Switching Accounts:

    • If you wish to switch accounts, remember to deactivate the current account first before activating a new one.


  • Simplicity: The activation process is straightforward, requiring only a few clicks to complete.

  • Clarity: The 'Activate App' button with a distinct red background makes it easy to locate within the application interface.

  • Efficiency: Activating the OTS Trader bot enables users to access its features and start trading swiftly.

Conclusion: Activating the OTS Trader bot is an essential step to access its functionalities and begin trading. By following the simple steps outlined above, users can easily activate the app, choose their trading account, specify the market instrument, and initiate their trading activities with ease.

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