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04_App's Color Scheme


Overview: The Trade Ticket Color feature allows users trading in multiple markets to customize the color of their trade tickets. Each trade ticket is assigned a unique color, aiding in easier identification and management when dealing with multiple markets simultaneously.


  • Users have the option to select their preferred color for trade tickets.

  • This customization feature enhances organization and facilitates efficient management of trades across multiple markets.


  • Designed specifically to improve user experience when trading in multiple markets.

  • Offers flexibility in personalizing the trading interface for better organization and ease of use.


  • Users can choose to either leave the trade ticket color as default or select their preferred color from the available options.

  • The assigned color will be applied to each trade ticket, providing visual cues for easier identification.


  • Enhanced Organization: Differentiating trade tickets by color improves organization, particularly when managing multiple markets simultaneously.

  • Efficient Management: Quick visual identification of trade tickets streamlines the process of monitoring and managing trades.

  • Personalization: Allows users to tailor the trading interface to suit their preferences, enhancing overall user experience.

Conclusion: The Trade Ticket Color feature offers users a simple yet effective way to enhance organization and efficiency when trading across multiple markets. By providing visual differentiation through color customization, users can streamline trade management and improve their trading workflow.

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