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07_True Average Price Position Data


Overview: The Position Data Using True Average Price feature provides traders with comprehensive insights into their current trading position, offering transparency and accuracy in assessing trading performance. Unlike traditional FIFO (First In, First Out) methods, this advanced tool utilizes True Average Price for a more precise evaluation of average trading positions.

Displayed Information:

  1. Current Position: Displays the number of contracts held in the current position, whether long or short, along with the True Average Price of this position.

  2. Average Gain/Loss per Contract: Indicates the average gain or loss per contract, along with the corresponding dollar value.

  3. Open Profit/Loss: Shows the total profit or loss of the current trade, combined.

  4. Net Gain/Loss for the Day: Presents the net gain or loss for the day, considering both closed profit/loss and the current profit/loss of open trades.

  5. Net Account Balance: Reflects the net account balance, combining the starting balance with the profits/losses from all trades.

  6. Margin per Contract: Indicates the margin being utilized per contract.


  • Accuracy: Utilizes True Average Price for precise assessment of average trading positions.

  • Transparency: Offers clear insights into trading performance, including gains, losses, and overall account balance.

  • Efficiency: Streamlines decision-making by providing comprehensive position data in one place.

Conclusion: Position Data Using True Average Price feature enhances traders' ability to monitor and evaluate their trading positions accurately. By providing detailed information on gains, losses, and account balance, users can make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies effectively.

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