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08_Setting Your Trading Quantity


Overview: The Quantity (QTY) section plays a pivotal role in various functions within the OTS Trader Bot. It serves as a fundamental parameter across different trading activities, ensuring consistency and ease of use throughout the platform.

Functions Utilizing QTY Entry:

  1. Market Orders: Determines the quantity to be traded when executing market orders.

  2. Limit Orders: Specifies the quantity for limit order submissions.

  3. Stop Orders: Defines the quantity for stop order placements.

  4. Buy Bids / Sell Asks: Sets the quantity for buy bids and sell asks.

  5. Buy Low Bar + Points / Sell High Bar: Determines the quantity for buy/sell orders based on bar lows/highs.

  6. Buy / Sell Entry Stops: Specifies the quantity for entry stop orders.

  7. Price Ladder: Sets the quantity for trades executed via the Price Ladder.

Identifying Functions Using QTY Entry:

  • The colored buttons visible on the screen represent functions utilizing the QTY section.

  • As users navigate through different sections, they can experiment with each function, understanding how all operations are linked back to the fundamental QTY setting.


  • Consistency: Ensures uniformity in quantity settings across various trading activities.

  • Simplicity: Simplifies the trading process by centralizing the quantity parameter.

  • Efficiency: Streamlines order execution by eliminating the need to adjust quantity settings repeatedly.

Conclusion: The Quantity to Trade section serves as a cornerstone throughout the OTS Trader Bot, facilitating seamless trading operations. By understanding its significance and versatility, users can navigate the platform with confidence, leveraging its functionality across a multitude of trading activities.

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