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09_Placing Market Orders


Overview: Placing Market Orders on the OTS Trader Bot allows traders to execute trades swiftly and efficiently. This feature simplifies the process by enabling users to place market orders with ease, ensuring seamless trading operations.

How to Place a Market Order:

  1. Click Buy or Sell Buttons:

    • Simply click the Buy or Sell buttons within the application interface.

  2. Ensure Price Box is Empty:

    • Crucially, ensure that the price box above the Buy and Sell buttons is empty (null).

  3. Set Quantity:

    • The quantity to be submitted is located to the left in section 8, Entry QTY Entry.

  4. Alternative Method:

    • Users can also click the BUY or SELL button on the bottom of the Price Ladder for order placement.

Note: Ensure that the price box is empty to execute a market order effectively.


  • Simplicity: Allows for quick and straightforward execution of market orders.

  • Efficiency: Streamlines the trading process, saving time and effort.

  • Accessibility: Provides multiple avenues for order placement, catering to diverse user preferences.

Conclusion: Placing Market Orders on the OTS Trader Bot offers traders a convenient and efficient way to execute trades. By providing clear instructions and accessible features, users can navigate the platform seamlessly and execute trades with confidence.

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