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10_Configuring Limit Entry Orders


Overview: Placing Exact Limit Orders allows traders to set precise limit orders conveniently. This feature simplifies the process by enabling users to position limit orders in the same location as a "Market Order," enhancing trading efficiency.

How to Place a Limit Order:

  1. Navigate to the Order Placement Area:

    • Head to the same location as you would for a "Market Order" in section 9.

  2. Set Price for Buy or Sell Limit:

    • Enter a price below the current market value to place a buy limit order.

    • Enter a price above the current market value to place a sell limit order.

  3. Order Submission:

    • After setting the desired price for a buy or sell limit, click the BUY or SELL button to submit the order.


  • If the market is trading at 5500 and you want to place a buy limit order, enter a price below 5500, then click the BUY button.

Intuitive Functionality:

  • The app intuitively understands your intent based on the current market price, whether you're placing a buy limit order or a sell limit order.

Setting Buy Stop Orders:

  • Alternatively, to set a buy stop order, enter a price above the current price and click the BUY button. The app will then execute a buy stop order. Further details will be covered in section 11.


  • Precision: Allows traders to set exact price levels for limit orders.

  • Convenience: Streamlines the process of order placement for enhanced trading efficiency.

  • Intuitive Operation: The app recognizes user intent based on market conditions, simplifying the order execution process.

Conclusion: Placing Exact Limit Orders feature offers traders a straightforward and efficient method to set precise limit orders. By providing intuitive functionality and seamless integration, users can execute trades with ease and accuracy.

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