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11_Configuring Stop Entry Orders


Overview: Placing Easy Stop Orders allows traders to set stop orders effortlessly, enhancing trading efficiency. This feature enables users to position stop orders in the same location where they would enter a "Market Order," streamlining the process.

How to Place a Stop Order:

  • Buy Side: Above the BUY button, input a price above the current market value for a buy stop order.

  • Sell Side: Input a price below the current market price and click the SELL button for a sell stop order.

  • The application will recognize the order type and execute accordingly.

Automatic Population of Prices:

  • When entering prices for buy/sell limits or buy/sell stops, the application automatically populates the last price as a reference.

  • Users can adjust the price using arrow keys or by typing in the desired price after clicking in the price box above the BUY/SELL buttons.


  • Simplified Process: Streamlines the placement of stop orders, reducing manual effort.

  • Efficiency: Enhances trading efficiency by providing a seamless user experience.

  • Accuracy: Automatic population of prices ensures precision in order placement.

Conclusion: Placing Easy Stop Orders feature offers traders a convenient and efficient way to set stop orders. By simplifying the process and providing automatic population of prices, users can execute trades with ease and confidence.

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