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13_Reverse Postion


Overview: The Reverse Position function simplifies trading by instantly reversing your current position with a single click. It cancels all open orders and executes the reversal, boosting trading efficiency.


  1. Find the Button: Locate and click the "Reverse" button on the application interface.

  2. Execution:

    • Clicking "Reverse" cancels all existing orders.

    • The application then assesses your current position and executes the necessary reversal.

Reversal Process:

  • Analysis: Identifies the number of contracts in your current position (long or short).

  • Execution: Buys or sells the equivalent number of contracts to reverse the position.


  • If you're long 4 contracts and click "Reverse":

    • All orders are canceled.

    • The application sells 8 contracts to reverse, resulting in a short position of 4 contracts.


  • Confirmation Prompt: Choose to enable/disable a confirmation window for the Reverse Position function.

  • Settings: Access the checkbox in the settings menu to adjust the confirmation prompt.


  • Efficiency: Simplifies reversing positions, saving time.

  • Control: Offers a convenient tool for managing positions effectively.

  • Customization: Tailor the function with personalized confirmation settings.

Conclusion: The Reverse Position function offers a quick and efficient way to reverse your trading positions. With customizable confirmation options, adapt it to fit your trading preferences seamlessly.

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