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19_Auto Percentage Scale-out of Trades


Overview: The 'Auto Percentage Scale-Out' feature in the OTS Trader bot automates the process of exiting a predetermined percentage of open positions based on a specific distance from the true average price. This functionality enhances trading efficiency by automatically placing profit target orders according to user-defined inputs, ensuring alignment with trading goals and market conditions.


  • Activation: Upon entering a trade, the 'Auto Percentage Scale-Out' feature activates automatically.

  • Profit Target Orders: The feature places profit target orders aiming to exit a set percentage of contracts at a certain distance from the True Average Price.

  • Real-Time Adjustments: Continuously adjusts exit quantity and price levels in response to changes in position size and true average price, ensuring the exit strategy remains aligned with evolving trading goals and market conditions.

Flexible Activation:

  • Toggle Functionality: Users can toggle the feature on and off during a live trade.

  • Deactivation: When deactivated, the feature cancels associated orders but remains ready to reactivate promptly.

  • Adjustable Settings: Users can adjust percentage exit and points settings during a live trade, allowing for prompt adaptation of the exit strategy as needed.

Conclusion: The 'Auto Percentage Scale-Out' feature enhances trading automation in the OTS Trader bot by automating percentage-based exits based on the true average price. With real-time adjustments and flexible activation options, traders can streamline their exit strategies and respond effectively to changing market conditions, optimizing trading outcomes.

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