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22_Auto Re-Entry Per Exit


Overview: The 'Auto Re-Entry Per Exit' feature in the OTS Trader bot automates the re-entry process by automatically placing a re-entry order at preset prices following each successful exit. This functionality optimizes re-entry strategies, contributing to improved trading outcomes and efficiency.


  • Automatic Re-Entry: Following each successful exit, the feature automatically places a re-entry order at preset prices.

  • Optimized Re-Entry: The feature aims to optimize re-entry strategies by promptly re-entering the market at favorable prices after an exit.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Re-Entry Quantities: Users can customize the re-entry quantities to match the same quantity or the set QTY Entry in section 8, providing flexibility in trade management.

  • Settings Customization: In the settings, traders can implement time-based cancellation or cancel-replace rules, allowing for tailored re-entry strategies based on individual preferences and market conditions.


  • Scenario: Exiting long at 4950 with a re-entry to buy back in 3 points better.

  • Action: The app automatically submits an order to re-enter at 4947 after the successful exit.

Flexible Activation:

  • Activation Control: Users can cancel the function while an order is working, canceling only the exact re-entry order.

  • Reactivation: Upon reactivation during a live trade, the feature waits for a new exit order to submit an auto re-entry order.

Conclusion: The 'Auto Re-Entry Per Exit' feature enhances trading automation in the OTS Trader bot by automating the re-entry process after successful exits. With customizable settings and flexible activation options, traders can optimize their re-entry strategies and improve trading efficiency and outcomes with ease.

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