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26_Price Ladder


Overview: Experience the Price Ladder, also known as Depth of Market (DOM), in the OTS Trader bot. This feature presents market data in a dual-column format dedicated to buy and sell orders, providing traders with valuable insights into market dynamics and order flow.


  • The Price Ladder displays buy orders in the green area on the left and sell orders in red on the right.

  • Prices below the top section are considered better prices for buying, while those above the bottom section are better prices for selling.

Adjustable Ladder Splits:

  • Customize the size of ladder splits by clicking the plus sign at the top of the Price Ladder.

  • For example, if the splits are set to 0.25 points and you want them to be 1.00 points for each level, simply click the plus sign three times to view more data.

Swift Cancellation:

  • Utilize blue 'X' buttons for swift cancellation of manually placed orders while preserving any auto exit orders.

  • Manual buy orders are highlighted with a green background, and auto exit orders are highlighted with an orange background.

  • Clicking the 'X' to cancel buys will only cancel orders with a green background, leaving auto exit orders intact.

  • This feature ensures convenience and user-friendliness in order management.

Conclusion: The Price Ladder "DOM" feature in the OTS Trader bot provides traders with valuable insights into market dynamics and order flow. With adjustable ladder splits and swift cancellation functionality, traders can efficiently analyze market data and manage orders with ease and precision.

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