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31_Hot Keys


Overview: Optimize order placement efficiency with 'Hot Keys' in the OTS Trader bot. This feature enables swift execution of 1 to 3 orders, each a set distance away from the last price, with a single click.


  • Efficient Order Placement: Instantly place up to three orders X points away from the last price with a single click, streamlining trade execution.

  • Order Cancellation: Easily cancel orders by clicking the corresponding button again, providing flexibility in order management.

  • Customizable Settings: Predefine quantities and points for each of the three sections, allowing for tailored order placement based on your trading strategy.

  • Bulk Order Submission: Use the "Buy All" button to submit all three orders simultaneously according to your preset settings. Repeat clicks of "Buy All" can cancel unfilled orders or all orders, providing control over order execution.

  • Color Indication: Buttons change color to indicate order status—green for filled orders and red for unfilled orders—enhancing order tracking and management.

Key Features:

  • Swift Execution: Place multiple orders with a single click, saving time and streamlining trade execution.

  • Flexible Order Management: Easily cancel orders with a click, providing flexibility in adjusting trading strategies.

  • Customization: Predefine quantities and points for each order section, allowing for precise execution tailored to your trading preferences.

  • Bulk Order Submission: Submit multiple orders simultaneously with the "Buy All" button, enhancing efficiency in order placement.

  • Visual Indicators: Color changes indicate order status, facilitating order tracking and management.

Conclusion: 'Hot Keys' in the OTS Trader bot offer a streamlined approach to order placement, allowing traders to quickly execute multiple orders with precision and efficiency. With customizable settings and intuitive functionality, this feature enhances trade execution and management, contributing to improved trading outcomes.

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