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2. Momentum - Smooth Charts - Plus - Minus

2. Momentum - Smooth Charts - Plus - Minus

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Smooth Chart Feature Overview

  1. Feature Description: The Smooth Chart feature shares similarities with the Smooth Spread section but allows for the display of a different average price. It utilizes a Smooth Minute Chart, typically set to a 15-period average by default.

  2. Intuitive Color-Coded Momentum Indicators:

    • Positive Momentum: When the last price is above the set moving average on the Smooth Minute Chart, it is highlighted in green, signifying upward momentum.

    • Negative Momentum: If the last price falls below the set moving average, the chart turns red, indicating downward momentum.

  3. Multi-Time Frame Analysis: This feature enhances market trend analysis by simultaneously displaying data across 15 different time frames, providing a comprehensive and detailed view of market trends.

More Information on Smooth Charts -

Momentum - Smooth Charts - Plus - Minus | Settings

2. Momentum - Smooth Charts - Plus - Minus

Smooth Chart

The Smooth Chart settings in the Online Trading Solutions Market Pulse App provide a range of customization options, enabling traders to tailor the chart displays to their individual preferences and trading strategies. Here's an overview of the customizable settings for the Smooth Chart:

1. Show Smooth Chart:

  • This option allows you to toggle the display of the Smooth Chart on or off. It's useful for focusing on specific chart types or decluttering the visual interface.

2. Show High/Lows:

  • Decide whether to include the display of high and low values on the Smooth Chart. This feature can be crucial for traders who consider price extremes in their analysis.

3. Avg (Average):

  • Set the desired average value for the Smooth Charts. This setting determines the length of the moving average, affecting the smoothness and responsiveness of the chart to market changes.

4. Positive Value Color:

  • Choose a background color for instances when the Smooth Chart indicates an upward trend. For example, a common choice for an upward trend is green, visually signaling bullish market conditions.

5. Negative Value Color:

  • Similarly, select a background color for when the Smooth Chart shows a downward trend. Red is often used to denote bearish conditions, providing a clear visual cue of negative market momentum.

By customizing these settings, traders can enhance their analysis and interpretation of market data using the Smooth Chart feature in Market Pulse. Tailoring aspects like average values and background colors for positive and negative trends ensures that the chart provides the most relevant and insightful information in line with individual trading approaches.

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