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Predefined Constant Connections

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Predefined Constant Connections

The NinjaTrader platform includes several predefined constant connections that cannot be removed. These are essential for various functions within the platform:

1. Kinetick - End Of Day (Free): This connection is provided by Kinetick at no cost. It offers daily End-of-Day updates for several types of instruments, including stocks, forex, and futures. It's particularly useful for users who need historical end-of-day data.

2. Playback Connection: This connection is used to play back historical data at various speeds. It requires that the data be downloaded prior to using the Playback connection. This feature is helpful for back-testing strategies and analyzing past market conditions.

3. Simulated Data Feed: This connection creates simulated market data locally on your PC. It's not based on real market movements, making it ideal for testing strategies in a risk-free environment.

These connections enhance the functionality of NinjaTrader by providing users with essential tools for market analysis, strategy development, and testing【12†source】.

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