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Bar Tick Delta Chart

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OTS Indicators | Bar Tick Delta Chart

Introducing the Bar Tick Delta Chart, a dynamic trading chart that provides real-time insights into contract volume bought at the offer and sold at the bid within every X tick range per bar. This live depiction of support and resistance levels throughout the bar's range enhances decision-making during a bar's duration.

If the challenge of deciding when to buy or sell amid unclear situations has been a hurdle, the Bar Tick Delta Chart Indicator is your essential solution. It excels in revealing pivotal levels, offering flexibility to customize tick range levels according to your preferences. As a guideline, consider waiting for the range to turn red before buying and green before selling.

This one-of-a-kind tool provides invaluable assistance in identifying optimal entry points. Bid farewell to trading uncertainty and let this indicator guide you toward informed decisions, ensuring you always know where to make your move in the markets.

Bar Tick Delta Chart Settings

The Bar Tick Delta Chart is visually depicted on the chart in a format reminiscent of a traditional chart. It scrutinizes the current bar, examining the buying and selling activities within the bar's range. With each new bar count, the analysis begins anew. The chart provides three mode options, allowing users to focus on Delta—highlighting the contrast in the number of contracts bought versus sold—Total Volume, or Combined Volume. Additionally, the incorporation of a lot size consideration feature adds depth, where a value of 1 encompasses all contracts, and higher values, such as 10, specifically account for lots of 10 or more, disregarding transactions below that threshold. The user experience is further customizable with options such as font size adjustments, ensuring a tailored and intuitive interface.

- Mode: 3 options
- Candle Spacing: 55
- Range Tick Size: 1
- Total Volume Color: Dodger Blue
- Total Volume Opacity: 0.40
- Positive Difference Color: Lime Green
- Negative Difference Color: Red
- Delta Difference Opacity: 0.60
- Show Tick Value: Toggle On/Off
- Positive Tick Value Color: Cyan
- Negative Tick Value Color: Gold
- Show Value: Toggle On/Off
- Font Name: Arial
- Font Size: 10
- Values Color: Yellow
- Delta Positive Color: Cyan
- Delta Negative Color: Red

Bar Tick Delta Chart Video

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