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Bar Tick Range

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OTS Indicators | Bar Tick Range

Unlock profound insights with the OTS Bar Tick Range indicator, offering a clear comparison between the current bar range and historical ranges on the charts. This real-time view facilitates the swift identification of trends and potential reversal patterns. Additionally, we've integrated a running average line, spanning back X bars, allowing you to gauge the average tick range of the recent bars. The indicator serves as a fertile ground for developing various strategic ideas, providing a valuable tool for your learning and trading endeavors. Explore its potential to enhance your understanding and trading strategies.

Bar Tick Range Settings

The Bar Tick Range indicator provides versatile inputs, allowing you to inspect each bar individually with a setting of 1 or aggregate bars using higher setting values. Additionally, it offers the option to average out the ranges, using either ticks or points as units to display. This flexibility empowers traders to construct strategies based on deviations from normal range behavior, facilitating anticipation of potential market movements.

- Length: 1
- Average Length: 10
- Unit: Ticks or Points

Bar Tick Range Video

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