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OTS Indicators | CycleWave

Enter the realm of precise market timing with the Cycle Wave indicator, delivering real-time insights into both major and minor cycle tops and bottoms. If predicting market cycle highs and lows has been a challenge, CycleWave is your essential trading tool.

Dynamically depicting cycle turns across all charts, CycleWave empowers you to strategize order entries and exits with unparalleled precision, backed by robust mathematical identification methods.

Key features of CycleWave include Cycle Bands for highlighting highs and lows, Fibonacci Replacements for advanced analysis, Gann Fan for specialized charting, Breakout Lines for understanding swing fades and momentum, and Speed Lines for projecting potential moves.

Elevate your understanding of market cycles and trends with the precision of CycleWave.

CycleWave Settings

The Cycle Wave indicator is packed with numerous features. It effortlessly plots cycle bands and cycle counts on charts, accompanied by alerts and sound notifications for cycle turns. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to toggle on/off the plotting of Gann Fan, automatic Fibonacci retracements that switch with market turns, Breakout Lines, Speed Lines, and Projected Speed Lines. Trading without the Cycle Wave indicator is unthinkable for us, and you might discover the same holds true for you.

These represent the default input values, offering a starting point rather than the definitive best inputs. Feel free to tailor these inputs to craft your own trading strategies.

Cycle Count:
- Source: Close
- Period: 15
- Start TC Count: 15
- End Cycle Count: 3
- TC Low Alert: On/Off
- TC Low Alert Sound: On/Off
- Greek Cycle Alert: On/Off
- Greek Cycle Alert Sound: Choose Sound
- Debug Cycle Count: On/Off

- 01a Cycle L-H Start: 4
- 01b Cycle L-H End: 9
- 01c Cycle L-L Start: 1
- 01d Cycle L-L End: 1
- 01e Cycle H-L Start: 4
- 01g Band Offset Ticks: 9
- 01h Show Cycle Bands: On/Off
- 01i Show Only Last Cycle Bands: On/Off
- 02 Show Fibonacci Retracements: On/Off
- 03 Show Gann Fan: On/Off
- 04 Show Breakout Lines: On/Off
- 05 Show Speed Lines: On/Off
- 05a Projected Speed Lines: On/Off

Cycle Wave Video

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