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OTS Indicators | DSI

Introducing the Double Smooth Indicator (DSI), a dynamic trading tool offering a unique perspective on market trends. Calculating a moving average and then averaging that result, the DSI plots within the -100 to +100 range, providing exceptional directionality.

The DSI frequently aligns with prevailing market sentiment, serving as a reliable guide in cases where you may be on the wrong side of the market.

If determining the prevailing trend or assessing momentum has been challenging, the Double Smooth Indicator (DSI) is your remedy. Outperforming many other indicators, it effectively illuminates market trends. With adjustable values to suit your preferences, this distinctive indicator provides valuable insights into short-term, medium-term, and long-term trends, eliminating guesswork from your trading decisions. Embrace the Double Smooth Indicator for confident navigation of the markets.

DSI Settings

Introducing the Double Smooth Indicator (DSI): We've innovatively approached the concept that most indicators essentially manifest as differently presented moving averages. In crafting the DSI, we amalgamated three averages, applying a novel smoothing technique, and presented the results as an indicator ranging from plus 100 to minus 100. The uniqueness of the DSI lies in its exceptional accuracy. To align with market direction effectively, it's advisable to exercise caution against frequently fading the signals provided by this indicator.

- Source: Close
- Length: 3
- DSI Average: 2
- Moving Average: Toggle On/Off
- Moving Average Length: 3
- Show Cycles: Toggle On/Off
- Show Breakout Lines: Toggle On/Off

VMI Matrix:
- Toggle On/Off
- Volatility: 1
- Average Length: 3
- Normalization: Toggle On/Off
- Normalization Length: 10
- Use Set Bars Back: Toggle On/Off
- Bars Back To Count: 2

DSI Video

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