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Keltner Bands

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OTS Indicators | Keltner Bands

Introducing the Keltner Bands, a pivotal trading indicator for a clearer grasp of market levels and price movements. If predicting market trajectories has been a challenge, the Keltner Bands offer a solution. Acting as a detailed "road map" for price action, it highlights crucial trade levels, simplifying decision-making for order entries and exits. The Alpha Keltner Bands enhance the identification of these levels.

Moreover, this indicator forms the basis for configuring fading Stab Buy/Sell and reverse Stab Buy/Sell Patterns models. It also contributes significantly to the 45-degree angle model for trend assessment.

No more uncertainty about vital price action levels. Seize control of your trading strategy by foreseeing price levels in advance with the Keltner Bands indicator.

Keltner Bands Settings

We've introduced additional inputs to enhance the functionality of the OTS Keltner Bands. Additionally, we've configured inputs to plot the bands on a chart, allowing you to view them based on a different time frame for your convenience.

These input values are defaults and not necessarily the optimal ones; they merely serve as a starting point. Feel free to explore and customize your own inputs to develop unique trading strategies.

- Source: Close
- EMA Period: 15
- StdDeva (Standard Deviation): 1.5
- Show EMA: On/Off
- Use Different Period: On/Off
- Different Period Type: Minutes
- Different Period Value: 30

Use these as a foundation, but consider experimenting with different values to tailor the settings to your specific trading objectives.

Keltner Bands Video

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