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Last Price Line

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OTS Indicators | Last Price Line

Meet The Last Price trading indicator – your visual aid for charting the last price line and gaining valuable insights into daily market changes and percentage shifts.

If pinpointing market value changes or accurately calculating percentage shifts has been challenging, The Last Price indicator is the remedy. Effortlessly presenting the last price on your charts relative to historical levels, it simplifies the identification of crucial support and resistance points.

Bid farewell to uncertainty in gauging market or percentage changes. Attain a clearer understanding of support and resistance levels compared to the last price with The Last Price indicator.

Last Price Line Settings

The Last Line Indicator extends beyond displaying the market's last price; it spans across the charts, providing a visual comparison with past moves. We've enhanced it further by incorporating information on whether the market is up or down for the day, along with the percentage move, for convenient and quick reference.

The following are the default input values. While they provide a good starting point, they don't necessarily represent the optimal inputs. Feel free to experiment and customize your inputs to develop personalized trading strategies.

- Width: 3
- Style: Solid
- Color: Red
- Daily Change: On/Off
- Daily Change Font: 24
- Daily Change Shift (pxl): 5

Last Price Line Video

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