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Net Long / Short

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OTS Indicators | Net Long / Short

The OTS Net Long/Net Short Indicator offers a unique perspective. Beneath each bar, it visually tracks your contract buying or selling activities, accumulating the number of contracts with each addition. When contracts are offset, the total contracts long or short are plotted. This provides unprecedented insight into your market entry points, revealing whether you enter early or late. Many have discovered they enter markets too early, prompting a reassessment of timing and encouraging patience. With real-time information, this indicator aims to enhance your trading insights and decision-making.

Net Long / Short Settings

The Net Long Short feature enables you to select the account exclusively. It visually represents on the screen where you initiated long or short positions, or adjusted your position quantity. This pioneering indicator is designed to assist traders in gauging whether they are entering trades early or late, facilitating the refinement of their trading strategies.

- Account Name: Choose the account for analysis.

Net Long / Short Video

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