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OHL Levels

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OTS Indicators | OHL Levels

Meet the OHL (Open High Low Last) trading indicator, a streamlined tool that effortlessly displays crucial levels directly on your chart. It dynamically tracks the evolving medium level, offering flexibility to activate or deactivate any of these levels to suit your preferences.

If deciphering these levels independently has posed challenges, the OHL Indicator is your ideal solution. It eliminates complexity, providing a clear visualization of key levels on your charts, including those corresponding to the 2nd opening, representing the next day's cash market opening time.

Simplify your trading approach with the OHL Indicator and ensure you always have a clear view of these essential reference points at your disposal.

OHL Level Settings

The OHL Levels indicator offers several customizable settings to highlight, in real-time, key points such as the first opening price from the night market preceding the current day. It also pinpoints the opening price of the cash market, corresponding to the commencement of the day's trading in the morning. Users can further define specific levels to be displayed, such as midpoints or the 25th and 75th percentiles of the day's range. This user-friendly indicator serves as a valuable tool, directing attention to these levels and assisting in the formulation of strategies based on market behavior above or below these live-displayed ranges on your screen.

- Labels: Toggle On/Off
- Font: 12
- First Open: Session, Custom, or Off
- First Opening Custom Time: Set Time
- Show First Opening: Toggle On/Off
- Second Opening: Toggle On/Off
- Second Opening Time: Set Time
- Market Low Price: Toggle On/Off
- Market High Price: Toggle On/Off
- 1/4 Range: Toggle On/Off
- 1/4 Range Percentage: 25
- 1/2 Range: Toggle On/Off
- 1/2 Range Percentage: 50
- 3/4 Range: Toggle On/Off
- 3/4 Range Percentage: 75

OHL Levels Video

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