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OTS Indicators | PPI

Introducing the Power Play Indicator (PPI), a dynamic trading tool that integrates our three renowned indicators – the Green, Yellow, and Red Lines – into a single, streamlined powerhouse. Resembling our Matrix indicator but simplified with three inputs, the PPI proves invaluable for gauging momentum direction.

If discerning momentum shifts and anticipating market turns has been a challenge, the PPI is your go-to solution. With its capability to reveal momentum changes and pinpoint buy/sell zones, it outperforms most other available indicators.

For enhanced trading skills and a deeper insight into market dynamics, the Power Play Indicator (PPI) is indispensable in your toolkit. Integrate it seamlessly into your trading charts for a comprehensive understanding of trade data.

PPI Settings

The Power Play Indicator (PPI) consolidates data outputs from the Green Line, Yellow Line, and Red Line, presenting a unified indicator plotted in a similar manner. This integration streamlines the mathematical components into a single display. We've enhanced the PPI by incorporating an option to apply additional averaging, allowing users to leverage various time frames. Similar to our other indicators, the PPI offers the flexibility to display Cycle count and breakout lines. It stands as a culmination of the top-performing OTS indicators, seamlessly combined into one comprehensive indicator.

- Green Line: Toggle On/Off
- Yellow Line: Toggle On/Off
- Red Line: Toggle On/Off

- Average: Toggle On/Off
- Average Length: 3
- Use Different Time Frames: Toggle On/Off
- Different Period Time: 15
- Show Entry Arrows: Toggle On/Off
- Offset: 2
- Show Cycles: Toggle On/Off
- Show Cycle Counts: Toggle On/Off
- Show Breakout Lines: Toggle On/Off

VMI Matrix
- Toggle On/Off
- Volatility: 1
- Average Length: 3
- Normalization: Toggle On/Off
- Normalization Length: 10
- Use Set Bars Back: Toggle On/Off
- Bars Back To Count: 2

PPI Video

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