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Tick Range Delta

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OTS Indicators | Tick Range Delta

Meet the Tick Range Volume Delta indicator, a potent trading tool that crafts a profile to the left of your chart, visually presenting the balance between contracts bought and sold within specified tick ranges. This innovative visualization assists traders in identifying optimal buying and selling zones, often revealing green bars at market tops and red bars at market bottoms—a key indicator of potential hanging trades.

Without the Tick Range Volume Delta indicator, these crucial insights might remain elusive. If you've ever questioned the ideal moments for market entry or exit, or faced challenges in identifying cycle tops or bottoms, the Tick Range Volume Delta is your indispensable companion.

Bid farewell to being caught off guard and take command of your trading decisions with the Tick Range Volume Delta indicator, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in your trading endeavors.

Tick Range Delta Settings

The Tick Range Delta indicator offers customizable inputs that empower you to specify the bar range in ticks. For instance, selecting 8 would correspond to 2 points in the mini SP500 market. This feature showcases the precise count of contracts bought versus sold within that designated 2-point range. Additionally, you can define the number of bars to retrospectively calculate this value, looking back over a specified number of bars. To enhance visibility on the screen, we've incorporated a font size adjustment for displaying this insightful information.

- Range Tick Size: 4
- Look Back Bars: Toggle On/Off
- Look Back Bars: 4
- Lot Size: 1
- Lot Size 1 Opacity: 0.95
- Positive Difference Color: Lime Green
- Negative Difference Color: Red
- Out Color: White
- Display Value: Toggle On/Off
- Value Font Size: 10
- Value Color: White

Tick Range Delta Video

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