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True Average Price

Coding Station
OTS Indicators | True Average Price

The OTS True Average Price Indicator stands out as one of the finest in the market. It addresses a significant flaw in clearing houses' FIFO (First In, First Out) accounting, which can misrepresent your true average price. Unlike traditional FIFO accounting, our indicator accurately reflects your true average price, preventing miscalculations that can lead to trading errors. By displaying the genuine average price on the chart, it eliminates the risk of misinterpreting your profit or loss. The meticulous coding behind this indicator, though challenging, ensures its value far exceeds the cost, potentially making it worth 3 to 10 times the price of all other OTS Indicators combined.

True Average Price Settings

The OTS True Average Price indicator stands out as one of the premier options available. Its inputs allow you to select both the color scheme and screen position, with the added flexibility to customize its appearance. Once you witness the indicator in action, especially if you are a scalping trader, it becomes challenging not to consider it an invaluable ally in your trading journey.

- Account: Choose your account (mandatory).
- Calculate Mode: Choose OTS True Average Price, FIFO, or LILO.
- Long Position Color: Lime Green.
- Short Position Color: Red.
- Position Font: 12.
- Position Line Length: 200.
- Position Line Style: Solid.
- Position Line Thickness: 1.
- Regular Debug: Toggle On/Off.
- Regular Debug Info Position: Choose where to display it.
- Regular Debug Color: Cyan.

True Average Price Video

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