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VMI Volume Delta

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OTS Indicators | VMI

Introducing the Volume Momentum Indicator (VMI), a robust tool meticulously designed for precise assessment of market dynamics. By measuring the disparity between contracts bought at the offer price and those sold at the bid price, the VMI presents this data as a candlestick chart with open, high, low, and last values. Its smoothing process mitigates chart noise, offering a clearer visual representation.

At its core, Volume Delta in the VMI signifies the imbalance between buying and selling pressure, with a positive delta indicating a prevalence of buying pressure.

Renowned for providing traders with a clearer view of market momentum and potential turning points, the VMI stands among the best indicators available. If you've struggled with understanding market momentum or predicting changes, the VMI is your definitive solution. Bid farewell to uncertainty and elevate your trading decisions with the powerful VMI Indicator.

VMI Settings

Introducing the Volume Momentum Indicator (VMI), a distinctive volume delta indicator meticulously crafted to reveal market momentum and shifts based on volume dynamics. Experiment with the customizable inputs to discover optimal strategy settings aligning with your unique trading style. Our design incorporates a moving average of the volume delta, cycle counts, and alert functionalities within the indicator. Furthermore, we've seamlessly integrated the VMI into other indicators, amplifying their momentum trends and highlighting potential turning points in the market.

- Sound Alert: Choose Sound
- Alert Message: Toggle On/Off

- Volatility: 1
- Average Period: 3
- Use Set Bars Back: Toggle On/Off
- Bars Back to Count: 10
- Show Cycles: Toggle On/Off
- Show Cycle Count: Toggle On/Off
- Show Breakout Lines: Toggle On/Off

VMI Video

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