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14_Bid and Ask


Overview: The Buy/Sell Buttons feature provides traders with enhanced flexibility to enter and exit the market seamlessly. With 5 buttons to buy the bids and 5 buttons to sell the asks, traders have multiple options for executing trades efficiently.

Purpose: This feature aims to address the limitations of Ninja Trader's Chart Trader, which typically offers only one option for buying or selling at a slightly better price. By providing five preset options, traders gain a significant advantage in executing trades quickly and effectively.


  • Each button is preset in settings to execute specific actions.

  • When a "Buy the Bid" button is clicked (e.g., "Buy the Bid -1.00"), the system takes the last price and submits an order 1 point below the last price.

  • Similarly, when a "Sell the Ask" button is clicked (e.g., "Sell the Ask +1.00"), the system takes the last price and submits an order 1 point above this price to sell.

Choice of Last Price:

  • The decision to use the last price as the reference point is based on its accuracy compared to delayed bid/ask prices.

  • While bid and ask prices may be delayed or inaccurate, the last price is generally more reliable, albeit subject to occasional discrepancies in fast markets.

  • To compensate for potential inaccuracies, 1 tick is added to each order placed. For instance, if "Buy the Bid -1.00" is selected, the order is submitted as -1.25 to account for possible variations in the last price.

Benefits: This innovative feature is designed to help traders secure better fill prices for both entry and exit, thereby enhancing their overall trading experience. By providing multiple options based on accurate last price data, traders can optimize their trade executions with confidence.


In the Settings menu, you have the flexibility to adjust the number of ticks or points displayed on each button. This customization applies to both the "Buy the Bid" and "Sell the Ask" buttons. For example, if you set 0.25 points in the Points 1 input field, the app will display this value on each side of the buttons.

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