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14_Bid and Ask

Enhancing Trading Precision with Multi-Point Order Adjustments

OTS Trader - Buy Bids, Sell Asks

Section 14: Optimizing Fill Prices with Advanced Order Functions

Enhancing Fill Prices with Buy Bids / Sell Asks Plus Points

Unlock advanced trading capabilities with our Buy Bids and Sell Asks Plus Points feature. Similar to the single buy the bid and sell the ask buttons on Chart Trader, these buttons streamline the process of adjusting plus points. You can customize the plus points in settings and submit multiple orders simultaneously. Each order utilizes the QTY Entry input.

Here's how it works: If you aim to improve your buying position, simply click one of the Buy Bids Plus Points options. Likewise, if you're looking to sell, select the corresponding Sell Asks Plus Points option.

This innovative function is designed to help you secure better fill prices for both entry and exit, enhancing your overall trading experience.

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