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32_Hot Keys

Elevating Efficiency with 'Hot Keys' for Seamless Trading

OTS Trader - Hot Keys

Section 32: 'Hot Keys'

Efficient Order Placement with Hot Keys

How It Works:

With 'Hot Keys', you can swiftly place orders Q points away from the last price. The button will indicate either red or green. Clicking it again cancels the exact order. You can preset your quantity and points for each of the 3 sections. Clicking the "Buy All" button will place 3 exact orders to buy per your preset settings. Clicking "Buy All" again will cancel all or just the orders not filled.

Key Features:

- Customizable Orders: Preset specific quantities and limit order settings for each section, allowing for precise execution of your trading strategy.

- Efficient Order Handling: The ability to swiftly place and cancel orders ensures quick response to market movements and precise order management.

'Hot Keys' empower traders with the speed and precision needed to navigate rapidly changing markets, making them an indispensable tool for maximizing trading efficiency.

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