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Section 21 -

Auto Protective Stop | Points

Imagine a world where the hassle of repeatedly placing stop orders is a thing of the past. Envision a reality where the manual cancellation and replacement of stop orders become unnecessary. Furthermore, picture a scenario where you never have to worry about canceling your stop order upon exiting your position. Thanks to OTS Trader, all these tasks are seamlessly automated.

Features - Section 21 | Protective Stop / Points

Set accurate stop points aligned with your true average price.

  1. OTS Trader smartly decides between a buy stop or a sell stop based on your current long or short position in the market.

  2. Automatically adjusts stops to accommodate changes in quantity.

  3. Experience the ease of drag-and-drop stop placement using Chart Trader.

  4. Effortlessly move stops by entering a new price in the OTS Trader App; the stop will relocate promptly.

  5. Visualize percentage and dollar losses for more comprehensive monitoring.

  6. Track and display your losses in both percentage and dollar values.

  7. Turn on/off this feature during live trades. 

Settings - Section 21 | Auto Stops / Points

To access the settings of the OTS Trader app, open the app, right-click on it, and select "Settings." From there, navigate to the "Section's" settings option.

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There are no settings for sections 21 | Auto Stops / Points

Strategies - Section 21 | Auto Stops / Points

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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