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Section 13 -

Auto Re-Entry

Are you prepared for a seamless transition into fully automated trading? The OTS Trader's app is designed to make this a reality. You can configure the app to initiate exits, re-entry at improved prices, and enhance the exit process, all on a continuous loop. Numerous features within the OTS Trader's app complement the Auto Re-Entry feature, offering you nearly limitless strategic possibilities. Sit back and observe the OTS Trader's app as it efficiently manages your trades throughout the day, automating the process for your convenience.

Features - Section 13 | Auto Re-Entry

Automation in OTS Trader involves automatic re-entry for a specified number of contracts, positioned a certain distance from the most recent exit price, utilizing two exit functions:

1. **Auto Exit Per Entry**

2. **Scale Out Functions**

**Re-Enter Quantity:**

The quantity for re-entry is determined by the QTY Setting, but you also have the flexibility to re-enter with the same quantity as the last exit or set a specific quantity each time.

**Update Values:**

If you adjust the re-entry point value during an active trade, OTS Trader will automatically recalibrate the re-entry levels for the current re-entry. For example, if you initially set it to re-enter 2 points better and later change it to 1 point better, the order will be canceled and replaced with the new 1-point value.


OTS Trader allows you to toggle this function on or off at any point during live trades. When turned off, it will cancel the current Auto Re-entry working order, and when turned on again, it will wait for the next exit to submit the re-entry order.

**Cancel if Not Filled Within X Time Limit:**

In the settings, you can enable or disable the function to cancel an order if it remains unfilled after a specific time (X minutes). Essentially, if the market moves away, and your resting order for re-entry isn't filled within the set time, it will automatically cancel the order. In such a case, you won't have another re-entry order working until you initiate a new trade.

**Cancel/Replace if Not Filled Within X Time Limit:**

Similar to the "Cancel" feature above, the app will automatically cancel and replace your order with a new one, situated a certain number of points back from the current price level, if it's not filled within the designated time (X minutes). For instance, if you had an order to buy X points back, and it remains unfilled within X minutes, the app will replace the entry price level with a new order X points back and cancel the initial order, all seamlessly managed by the app.

Settings - Section 13 | Auto Re-Entry

To access the settings of the OTS Trader app, open the app, right-click on it, and select "Settings." From there, navigate to the "Section's" settings option.

No Settings_edited.jpg

Cancellation Timer – Enable/Disable -

Minutes > Specify the number of minutes to wait before canceling unfulfilled orders.

Cancel and Replace Orders – Enable/Disable -

Minutes > Determine the number of minutes for canceling and replacing orders that remain unexecuted after X minutes.

Stop Trading Profit -

On/Off - Activating this will cease the auto re-entry feature from placing orders once the daily profit target is achieved.

Stop Trading Loss - 

On/Off - Enabling this will prevent the auto re-entry function from submitting orders once the daily loss limit is reached.

Strategies - Section 13 | Auto Re-Entry

The possibilities for strategy development with Auto Re-entry's functions are abundant. To kickstart your creative thinking about what's achievable with Auto Re-Entry, we'll explore some ideas below. The crucial factors in crafting these strategies will be the app's additional settings and your chosen risk levels. The pivotal aspect is that the OTS Trader's app will autonomously manage your trades right before your eyes. This feature can prove to be not only worth the app's price but also exceedingly valuable.


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