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Section 16 -

Auto Scale Into Position

The Auto Scale-In feature optimizes Fill Advantages by cautioning against going all-in on the initial entry. Instead of relying on imprecise methods like clicking buttons in Chart Trader or DOM, the OTS Trader's app offers a precise Scale-In function. This automated feature systematically builds your position with exact order limits once activated, ensuring a more strategic and controlled approach.

Features - Section 16 | Auto Scale-in

Toggle Function:

Enable or disable this function at any time, even during active trades.

Quantity Setting:

Specify the number of contracts to submit in each transaction.

Max Quantity:

Define the total position quantity at which trading should cease.


Activate or deactivate this feature to instruct the app when to initiate trading using the OTS True Average Pricing model. If the total position is down by X points from the True Average Price, the app will begin submitting entry orders X points more favorable.


Indicate the number of points by which the app will submit an order to augment the position relative to the current last price.

Settings - Section 16 - Auto Scale-in

To access the settings of the OTS Trader app, open the app, right-click on it, and select "Settings." From there, navigate to the "Section's" settings option.

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There are no settings for sections 16 | Auto Scale-in

Strategies - Section 16 | Auto Scale-in

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