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Section 11 -

Buy Bids / Sell Ask

This function closely resembles the one available on Ninja Trader, but there's a significant distinction. While Ninja Trader restricts trading to just a single tick, The OTS Trader's app offers enhanced flexibility by allowing you to pre-select any desired number of ticks. Furthermore, it boasts three buy bid buttons and three sell ask buttons, providing traders with superior control and a competitive edge in the world of trading.

Features - Section 11 | Buy Bids / Sell Ask

3 Distinct Button Functions:

1. **Multiple Levels:** Unlike many trading platforms, OTS Trader offers the flexibility of choosing from three distinct buy or sell levels. You are not constrained by a single function button. You can configure these levels in the settings section of OTS Trader and modify them as needed, a feature that NinjaTrader lacks.

2. **Live Price Display:** Each button on OTS Trader displays the current buy and sell price levels in real-time, allowing you to clearly see the prices at which your orders will be submitted. In contrast, NT8 lacks this feature.

3. **Limitless Order Submissions:** OTS Trader empowers you to submit multiple orders for each level without any restrictions on the number of times you can utilize these functions to place orders. This flexibility sets it apart from other platforms.

Settings - Section 11 | Buy Bids / Sell Ask

To access the settings of the OTS Trader app, open the app, right-click on it, and select "Settings." From there, navigate to the "Section's" settings option.

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You have three distinct settings, and each of them simultaneously impacts both the buy and sell sides. To illustrate, when you input a value of 2.00 points in the "Points 1" section, it will be reflected as a 2-point improvement on both the buy bid and sell ask sides within the OTS Trader's app.

Strategies - Section 11 | Buy Bids / Sell Ask

Various strategies can be employed for these functions on both the entry and exit sides of a trade. The primary goal is to target and achieve favorable fill prices.

1. Commence your market entry by securing a favorable fill price. Instead of struggling with the Chart Trader, the DOM, or the limited 1-tick options on Chart Trader, streamline the process by simply clicking one of the preset options on the OTS Trader's app. This allows you to consistently submit precise orders with just a single click.

2. Similarly, on the exit side of your trades, aim for equally precise order exits, ultimately boosting your account balance.

3. As you begin entering the market, continually strive for improved fill prices. Utilize the "buy the bid" or "sell the ask" buttons to enhance your True Average Price. With a better True Average Price, achieving more attainable exits becomes a realistic goal.

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