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Section 14 -

Buy Low Bar | Sell High Bar

When your goal is to initiate or close a market position, explore the possibility of attaining a Price Advantage fill price. You can do this by placing sell orders at the high of a specific bar or buy orders at the low of the bar. Furthermore, consider the automation of adding a predefined number of points above or below the bar's value, all achieved with a simple one-click action.

Features - Section 14 | Buy Bar Low / Sell Bar High

Two Button Functions:

1. **Bar Length and Additional Points Preset:**

   You have the option to pre-set the bar length and additional points in the settings.

2. **Quantity Submission:**

   The quantity submitted will be determined by the "Enter Qty" section.

3. **Precision in Order Placement:**

   The application allows for the submission of an exact order above or below the current bar or the previous bars, a choice you can customize in the settings.

4. **Drag-and-Drop Order Placement:**

   Once the initial order is placed, you can effortlessly drag and drop the order on the Chart Trader. The order will retain this adjustment.

5. **On/Off Cancel Functionality:**

   - Upon placing the order, the button will turn gray, signifying the order has been placed.

   - Toggling off this function, indicated by the button returning to its original color, will cancel the order associated with this function.

   - If you activate the function again, the button and associated order will revert to the gray status, indicating it is active once more.

Settings - Section 14 | Buy Bar Low / Sell Bar High

To access the settings of the OTS Trader app, open the app, right-click on it, and select "Settings." From there, navigate to the "Section's" settings option.

No Settings_edited.jpg

Update Chart Time Frame:

Specify your desired time frame for the bar. For example, setting it to 30 will use a 30-minute bar. You have the flexibility to input two different settings.

- TF1These settings apply to the left buttons.

- TF2These settings apply to the right buttons.

Point Values:

The "Point Value" determines the number of points for placing an order above or below the bar's range. For instance, if you input 3 and click "Sell Bar's High," it will generate an order to sell at a price 3.00 points above the high of that bar.

Choose Between 'Same Bar' and 'Previous Bar' Options:

- If left unchecked, it will utilize the range of the previous bar.

- When selected, you will be using the range of the current bar.

Customize Button Colors:

On the left-hand side are vertical tabs. Select "UI Colors," and you can personalize the default color settings.

Strategies - Section 14 | Buy Bar Low / Sell Bar High

Several strategies can be implemented with this function:

1. **Order Entry for Precision Fill Prices:**

   Utilize this function for precise order entry, reaching for fill prices with accuracy.

2. **Order Exits for Fill Price Levels:**

   Employ the function for order exits, once again aiming for fill price levels with precision.

Implementing both of these strategies provides a distinct advantage over others who lack the convenience of one-click functions. This functionality streamlines the process of placing orders, enhancing your ability to execute these types of orders with ease.


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