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Section 9 -

Market Orders

When it comes to placing Market Orders on the OTS Trader's app, we created two sections for this function. It's essential to highlight that OTS Trader encompasses a range of user-friendly features meticulously designed to assist you in steering clear of Market orders, thereby preserving your trading edge, even when it's just a 1-tick difference per contract.

Features - Section 9 | Market Orders

For placing market orders using the OTS app, you have two options:

1. First Section for Market Orders:

   In the same location where you usually enter a LIMIT order or a STOP Entry order, make sure the price box is empty, displaying a "Null" value. Then, just click either the BUY or SELL buttons, and OTS Trader will promptly execute the order at the MARKET price.

2. Second Section - Price Ladder:

   On the Price Ladder, you can also select "Buy Mkt" or "Sell Mkt" located at the bottom of the ticket.

Settings - Section 9 | Market Orders

To access the settings of the OTS Trader app, open the app, right-click on it, and select "Settings." From there, navigate to the "Section's" settings option.

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There are no settings for sections 9 | Market Orders

Strategies - Section 9 | Market Orders


There are no strategies for section 9 | Market Orders

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