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Section 6 -

Real-Time Results

The OTS Trader app promptly presents your complete trade outcome, spanning from the initial entry to the final exit, regardless of the number of buy and sell transactions in between. This real-time data offers substantial value and provides instant insights into your trading strategies. This unique functionality sets OTS Trader apart by offering comprehensive trade monitoring capabilities.

Features - Section 6 | Real-Time Results

Real-Time Results - 

  • Dollar Profit or Loss per Trade, measured from trade initiation to closure.

  • Percentage Gain or Loss per Trade.

  • Time Duration of Each Trade.

Last 12 Results -

  • OTS  Trader displays the most recent 12 trade results, with the latest  position being your most recent trading outcome. As new trades occur,  OTS Trader automatically shifts the previous results down the list,  causing the former #1 to become #2, and so on. Once you reach the 13th  trade, the 12th result will drop off the screen to create space for new  data.

Settings - Section 6 | Real-Time Results

To access the settings of the OTS Trader app, open the app, right-click on it, and select "Settings." From there, navigate to the "Section's" settings option.

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There are no settings for sections 6 | Real-Time Results

Strategies - Section 6 | Real-Time Results


There are no strategies for section  6 - Real-Time Results

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