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OTS Trader

Welcome to the start of a transformative chapter in your trading journey. Once you witness the tremendous value that the functions of the OTS Trader's app can bring to your life as a trader, you'll discover a new level of trading excellence.

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Download OTS Trader's
Script & Settings

Step 2 of 3
Install | OTS Trader's Script

During this step, focus solely on installing the OTS Trader's app script.

It's crucial to adhere to Step 3 below to ensure proper functionality.

1. Open Ninja Trader.
2. Access the control panel in Ninja Trader.
3. Go to the Tools drop-down menu.
4. Select Import.
5. Choose Ninja-script AddOn.
6. Find the file in your Download folder.
7. Highlight OTS_Trader_Install
8. Double-click the file name to begin the installation process.

Congratulations! The AddOn script for the OTS Trader's app has been successfully installed.

Ensure you follow Step 3 below to activate OTS Trader's functionality.

Step 3 of 3
Copy the settings files over

In this step, your sole responsibility is to copy over the settings files. Do not initiate the installation process. Please follow the instructions provided below:


1. Navigate to your Download folder.
2. Find the file named
3. Double-click the file to access its contents.
4. Select and copy the 2
files found inside the zip archive.
5. Go to your Documents folder.
6. Within Documents, locate and open the NinjaTrader 8 folder.

7. Access the BIN folder.
8. Inside the BIN folder, open the Custom folder.
9. Within the Custom folder, locate and open the AddOns folder.
10. Paste the 2 files into this AddOns folder.

Congratulations! The setting files for the OTS Trader's app have been successfully transferred.

Now, please restart Ninja Trader.

After restarting Ninja Trader, navigate to the Control Panel in NT8. Go to "NEW" drop-down menu to access the link to OTS Trader.


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