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To kick off our educational section, we'll begin with four straightforward selections to ensure the OTS Trader app is ready for action. This segment is quite intuitive and akin to what you may already be familiar with in Ninja Trader.​ OTS has dedicated itself to crafting trading tools that empower traders with advantages, and these user-friendly functions successfully achieve that goal.


Video Length - 1:51 minutes


Section 1, 2, 3, 4 - Features

1. Account

You can select the account from the first drop down menu.

2. Activate Ticket

To activate the OTS Trader's app, simply click the red "Not Active" button, and it will change to green, displaying "Active." It's important to note that if a market is not selected, the activation won't take place.​

3. Choose Market To Trade

​Use the second drop down menu to locate the market you wish to trade.

4.Ticket Color

This feature sets OTS Trader apart. Its utility truly shines when you're managing trades in multiple markets simultaneously.



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