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Choose OTS for Unparalleled Trading Advantages:

The inception of OTS was driven by the critical need for software that outperforms existing options in both user-friendliness and functionality.

Our primary objective is to provide traders with a definitive edge. Leveraging our extensive 30-year experience in the trading industry, we introduced groundbreaking software add-ons:

OTS Trader's App: Empowering traders with a competitive advantage, this trading ticket streamlines market entry and exit with precision through meticulously designed elements and user-friendly buttons.

OTS Indicators: Our sophisticated yet user-friendly indicators aim to boost traders' confidence by providing clear insights into market trends and reversal patterns. Notably, our Volume Delta indicators are among the best available.

OTS Smooth Charts: Filtering out distracting market fluctuations, these charts offer a significantly clearer and unobstructed view.

OTS Market Pulse: Gain valuable insights through a color-coded display highlighting trends and reversals across 15 charts, conveniently presented on a single, compact screen.

OTS Auto Entry: Configure various auto-entry parameters and patiently await a consensus before executing an entry order.

Fully compatible with NinjaTrader 8, our OTS applications represent a substantial enhancement for traders seeking a competitive edge throughout their trading journey. Choose OTS for a transformative trading experience.

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