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Market Pulse

1. Momentum - Smooth Spread

1. Momentum - Smooth Spread

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Overview of the Smooth Spread Feature

This feature accurately identifies the position of the Last Price in comparison to the moving average on the Smooth Minute Charts, providing a clear understanding of its current standing. When the last price above the average, then bullish and below, then bearish.

  1. Detailed Price Deviation Display: It effectively displays the deviation of the last price from the average in points. This insight is crucial in assessing how significantly the market varies from the moving average, either upwards or downwards.

  2. Customizable Average Length: While the default setting for the average length is 3, users have the flexibility to adjust this, with a recommended length being 5 for more refined analysis.

  3. Multi-Time Frame Integration: Market Pulse leverages the minute chart in the left column to align the chart settings across up to 15 different time frames, ensuring comprehensive market analysis.

More Information on Smooth Charts -

Momentum - Smooth Spread | Settings

1. Momentum - Smooth Spread

Smooth Chart

The Smooth Spread settings in the OTS Market Pulse App offer users the ability to customize how they view and interpret market data. These settings are designed to enhance the user experience by providing tailored visual cues based on personal preferences and trading strategies. Here’s a breakdown of the customizable options available in the Smooth Spread settings:

1. Show Smooth Spread:

  • This option allows users to toggle the display of the Smooth Spread feature on or off, depending on their need for this specific data in their market analysis.

2. Show High/Lows:

  • Users can choose to display the high and low values within the Smooth Spread. This feature is useful for traders who focus on price ranges and extremes.

3. Avg (Average):

  • This setting lets users define the average value used in the Smooth Charts. Setting the right average is crucial for aligning the Smooth Spread with the trader’s analysis period and style.

4. Warning Threshold Setting:

  • Users can specify a threshold value for the Smooth Spread. When the Spread is below this threshold, the app will display a warning color, alerting the user to significant deviations.

5. Positive Value Color:

  • This option allows users to select a color for the background when the Smooth Spread is above the warning threshold. For instance, a user might choose green to indicate positive or bullish conditions.

6. Negative Value Color:

  • Similarly, users can choose a color for situations where the Smooth Spread is below the warning threshold, such as red for negative or bearish conditions.

These customizable settings in the Smooth Spread feature of the Market Pulse App provide traders with the flexibility to tailor the app’s interface to their specific needs. By adjusting these settings, users can enhance their ability to quickly interpret data and make informed trading decisions.

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