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About Online
Trading SOlutions


The inception of OTS arose from the pressing need for software that could surpass existing options in terms of both user-friendliness and functionality.

Our primary goal was to create software providing traders with a definitive edge over their counterparts. Drawing on our extensive 30-year experience in the trading industry, we embarked on achieving this objective by introducing a range of groundbreaking software add-ons:

OTS Trader's App: We conceived a trading ticket empowering traders to effortlessly enter and exit the market, giving them a competitive advantage. Every element in the OTS Trader app was meticulously designed to streamline market entry and exit at optimal prices, supported by user-friendly function buttons.

OTS Indicators: Our development efforts yielded indicators that exhibit sophistication and efficiency while remaining remarkably user-friendly. Our goal was to boost traders' confidence by providing clear insights into market trends and reversal patterns. Notably, our Volume Delta indicators rank among the best available in the market.

OTS Smooth Charts: These charts effectively filter out distracting market fluctuations, offering a significantly clearer and unobstructed view.

OTS Market Pulse: Gain valuable insights through a color-coded display highlighting trends and reversals across 15 charts, all conveniently presented on a single, compact screen.

OTS Auto Entry: Configure various auto entry parameters and patiently await a consensus before executing an entry order.

All these scripts are fully compatible with NinjaTrader 8. The OTS applications represent a substantial enhancement for traders seeking a competitive edge throughout their trading journey.

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