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OTS Trader bot - Automation

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Would you like to automate your Entries and Exits? 

While you may not have control over the market itself, you do have control over your actions and the tools you choose to execute them effectively. The OTS Trader bot app streamlines your trading experience by automating tasks once you enter the market. It effortlessly manages canceling and replacing orders, adjusting exit points, and setting stops—all without requiring any manual intervention on your part. Everything happens seamlessly and automatically, allowing you to trade with ease and confidence.

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So, what does the OTS Trader bot do?

We've meticulously developed a range of Auto Entry Trading Strategies complemented by the OTS Trader bot to ensure streamlined exits, recognizing that while initiating a trade is crucial, having a robust exit plan is paramount. Traditional coded trading strategies often struggle with updating orders in response to market changes. Here are some key advantages of the OTS Trader bot:

  1. Multiple Market Entry Options: Enjoy five distinct methods to enter the market seamlessly.

  2. Precise Entry with Bar Highs/Lows: Execute trades with precision using stops at bar highs or lows with just a single click.

  3. Automated Scaling: Automatically scale into trades at predefined point intervals for optimized position management.

  4. Flexible Scaling: Customize scaling into trades above or below specified bar ranges according to your strategy.

  5. Automated Scaling Out: Scale out of trades based on predetermined point criteria for efficient profit-taking.

  6. Percentage-Based Scaling Out: Scale out of trades based on a percentage of your position quantity, enhancing risk management.

  7. Auto-Scalping: Seamlessly scalp out of trades with each new entry, maximizing profitability.

  8. Automated Re-entry: Effortlessly re-enter trades after each exit, ensuring continuous trade engagement.

  9. One-Click Bar Exit: Exit trades at the high or low of a bar based on a percentage of your contracts with a single click, simplifying exit execution.

  10. Break-Even Plus Points: Implement a break-even strategy with added points for enhanced risk mitigation.

  11. Partial Position Closure: Take a percentage of your contracts off X points away from the last price, optimizing profit-taking strategies.

  12. Enhanced Order Management: Benefit from an improved order management screen for better control over your trades.

  13. Streamlined DOM (Price Ladder): Experience greatly enhanced Depth of Market for improved trading visibility and decision-making.

  14. Automated Stop Loss: Set stop losses based on points or price levels for proactive risk management.

  15. Trailing Stop Activation: Easily activate a trailing stop for dynamic risk management, ensuring optimal trade outcomes.

  16. Automated Previous Bar Stop Loss: Set stop losses based on the previous bar's high or low and automatically adjust with each new bar, adapting to changing market conditions seamlessly.

  17. Bulk Order Submission: Submit three sets of buy or sell orders with a single click for efficient trading execution.

With the ability to toggle these functions on or off during live trades, the OTS Trader bot offers unparalleled flexibility compared to traditional coded strategies or ATM systems, empowering traders with dynamic and responsive trading capabilities.

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